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By Mental Mulwi

New habits guide

New Habits Guide contains tips that can help you change bad habits or create new positive ones. I am describing how to do this. You will find here suggestions for new habits and concrete examples. This book is perfect for you, if you want to change something in your life, but you don’t know where to start.
It helps you get through the change process.

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Hi! My name is Mulwi. I want to share with you my experiences of improving the quality of life. I want to introduce you to the world of creating helpful habits that will make each day special. I hope that the Habits Tracker and the New Habits Guide, based on my life experience, will help you achieve the things you dream about and allow you to feel satisfied every day. Enjoy!

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My Notebooks

Habit Tracker was created on the basis of my work on my own habits. Honestly, I was looking for a lot of notebooks, journals, and notebooks that would help me work on my habits. Unfortunately, it ended sooner than it should and didn’t bring the expected results.
That’s why I decided to work out my own layout. This notebook was created on the basis of my experience. I hope it will help you overcome your weaknesses and achieve your goals. You can develop a maximum of 5 habits in one time.

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Remember to match the goal well so that it is realistic to achieve. I keep my fingers crossed for your changes! Our notebook is supplemented by a New Habits Guide where you will find simple tips on how to create new habits and examples of zones in life where it is worth introducing them with specific examples.


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Available Aug 16, 2021

Expenses tracker


Do you still wonder where your money has gone?
Do you want to control your expenses?
It may be helpful to write down your expenses during the month and analyze them?
You will see
what you spend your money on?
What you can limit?
What you can give up?
It is also worth setting a budget for a month.

This Notebook will help you with that task!

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